We value the empowerment of people to live on mission with God.  We believe that whatever God is going to do, He is going to do primarily through all of Christ’s people. Therefore, we have partnered together to provide avenues for people to serve in various capacities across our area.  Below you will find a number of volunteer opportunities to aid in mobilizing each of us on to God’s mission.

Child Evangelism Fellowship

Volunteers are always needed as they desire to be in every school in Liverpool.  This is an opportunity to help serve and reach children in the local schools through after-school clubs.  If you are interested in participating please contact Emily Ramsdell emilycef@aol.com

Upward Basketball

There is a great need for spiritual people to share the gospel at their weekly practices and games. For more information please visit www.upwardcny.org or www.upward.org or please contact Jeff Taft at jtaft1467@gmail.com


Local Crisis Pregnancy Center off Old Liverpool Road. Volunteers and Counselors needed. Contact Debbie Muma alison@carenetcny.org