We want to see the full evangelization of the communities north of Syracuse through local churches partnering in the gospel of Jesus Christ who are committed to mobilizing all of Christ’s people for God’s redemptive mission.


These are the ways in which we are partnering with one another.  We invite each individual church to work together at whichever level they feel comfortable participating.

  • Understanding our area

    We recognize that God has sovereignly placed us in our communities and the first step in knowing how to reach a community with the gospel is to understand its distinctive’s.
  • Prayer
    Regularly bringing the body together to pray for our communities.
  • Outreach
    Working together to represent the gospel, in word and deed, as we care for our communities in tangible ways.
  • Training
    Equipping the body with gospel-centered convictions OR
    Growing and sharing leaders for kingdom expansion
  • Saturation
    Starting/strengthening gospel-centered communities all over our geography OR
    Planting and partnering to saturate our community with the gospel.