Our Story

Our History

In January 2017 God began moving in the hearts of local pastors to identify and establish relationships with other gospel-minded churches. Initially, the meetings were filled with food and fellowship, but as compassion, respect, and brotherhood grew, so did a sense that God was leading us to a work that was greater than any one church could accomplish alone.

Our Diversity

Certainly, there is doctrinal diversity within the group. Participating churches have agreed to respectfully honor the doctrinal convictions of others with patience, gentleness, and understanding as we work toward cooperation in areas of agreement.

Our Unity

One area where we find complete unity/agreement is the gospel. Together we affirm the total depravity of every human being. We affirm the deity and humanity of Jesus Christ, His sinless life, His death on behalf of sinners, and His bodily resurrection from the dead. We affirm that salvation cannot be earned and is not deserved but is offered as a gift that must be received by faith in the completed work of Jesus on the cross. This gospel is the only way that sinners can be forgiven, restored to God, and obtain eternal life.

Our Shared Responsibility

Roughly 62,000 people live in our shared geographic area. We affirm as local churches our responsibility to saturate this area with the Gospel in fulfillment of our Lord’s command. As isolated congregations, the task seems insurmountable. We believe that by working together we can fulfill our Lord’s command responsibly and faithfully through coordinated local efforts.